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All young singers/songwriters with new music can be sent to:
banquyen@hamedia.vn  we will have a team of advisors to evaluate the potential of the work to come up with suitable cooperation mechanisms:

Hong An can become a financial investment unit for artists to produce their own music.
Hong An can become a media expense investor, including but not limited to: Organizing press conferences, organizing reporters to record and publish articles on 30 leading media channels in the country (vietnamnet, tuoitre, etc.) vnexpress, kenh14, etc.), Organize human resources to edit and produce images, short clips to communicate products on social networking platforms, optimize keywords, images, put campaigns to run ads ads suitable for each music product.
Hong An can become a publisher on all major domestic and international music platforms: Zing mp3, NCT, Youtube, Spotify, Apple music, Facebook, Tiktok etc.
Hong An can be a partner to help optimize communication campaigns with the booking of tiktok channels, fanpages, and youtube channels that are completely suitable for each musical work.
Hong An can be a partner to connect young singers with big-name musicians in the country to create new music products and carry out communication campaigns for music products.
With a team of collaborators who are studios, leading music producers Hong An will help young domestic artists produce mixes, record and master mixing according to professional processes. .