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If artists/composers have new musical works, please do not hesitate to contact us via: banquyen@hamedia.vn. Our professional consultants shall check and offer the corporative modals as below:
– Hong An shall be the financial investor, artists shall produce their own music products.
– Hong An shall be the promotion sponsor, including but not limiting to: press release, news publishing on over 30 top media in Vietnam (vietnamnet, tuoitre, vnexpress, kenh14, etc), hightlights, virals clip productions posted on social media, SEO, ads campaigns customizing on each musical works.
– Hong An shall be publishing partner in all music platforms locally and internationally: ZingMp3, NCT, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.
– Hong An shall be partner who shall optimize ads campaigns via booking on Tiktok, Fanpage, Youtube channels customizing on each products.
– Hong An shall connect young artiest with top composers to create new musical works and implement promotion campaigns.
– Hong An shall support young talents in producing beat, recording, mix & mastering in a professional manner through its wide networks of studio and leading music producers.